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January 2020 Events

Starting Sunday, January 5 at 11:00 a.m. Rev. Dr. Cynthia Mickens Ross will facilitate the Path~Way to Purpose course during morning service at Path~Way to Life Center of Hope Church 302 West Palestine Street, Hutchins, Tx 75141 ​​ www.PathWaytoLifeCenterofHope.org.

Session 1 - Sunday, January 5 - In Pursuit of Purpose, Let the Journey Begin Session 2  - Sunday, January 12 - Understanding the Importance of Living on Purpose

Session 3 & 4 - Sunday, January 19 & 26 - Part 1 & 2  - What's Really Holding You Back?

Session 5 & 6 - Sunday, February 2 & 9 - Discover and Embrace Your Uniqueness

  • ​Your Name Definition
  • Your Spiritual Gifts
  • Your Personality Profile 

Session 7 - Sunday, February 16 - Developing Relationship with the Right Expectations

Session 8 - Sunday, February 23 - Understanding Male & Female Differences

Session 9 - Sunday, March 1 - A Brand Called YOU

Session 10 - Sunday, March 8 - Writing Your Life Purpose Statement

Please send an email to info@DrCynthiaMickensRoss.com to let us know you're coming!

Every 2nd Tuesday 12 to 1:15 p.m join Dr. Cynthia at the Fellowship of Professional Women monthly luncheons.

Please visit the website at www.fpwdallas.org to learn more about the Fellowship of Professional Women or to register for the luncheon. This is an amazing group of professional women who gather monthly for great conversation and food along with an awesome message from our speaker. Please meet me there!

October 17, 7 to 8:30 p.m. Friendship-West Baptist Church.

Join us for a conversation on How to Network with Sisters to Make a Win-Win. Friendship-West Baptist Church2020 West Wheatland Road, Dallas, Texas 75232. 

Check out Dr. Cynthia on her YouTube Channel Dr. Cynthia Mickens Ross. There you will find encouraging and empowering messages to guide you on the journey of life.

​​Captivating. Motivating. Relatable. Engaging.

As a speaker, Dr. Cynthia Mickens Ross has an amazing way of captivating her audience with authenticity, humor, and powerful words of wisdom that are thought-provoking and life-changing. This uncanny gift to connect with audiences has allowed Dr. Mickens Ross to stand out from the crowd and has yielded great visibility in her field.

Dr.  Mickens  Ross is recognized in the corporate,  political, educational, and faith-based industries.

Dr. Cynthia Mickens Ross is passionate about leading individuals to discover their authentic self and how to live with purpose and passion. She believes that the discovery of purpose is the greatest need unknown to man.

To ensure you and your group receive this life-changing message, book Dr. Cynthia Mickens Ross today!