Our mission is to empower individuals in their journey to discover and live out their life's purpose by providing comprehensive tools and resources. The Path~Way to Purpose® course is thoughtfully structured into four modules, each comprising a 4-week webinar series, meticulously crafted to coach both women and men in exploring and activating their inherent greatness. Through a guided process, participants undergo a transformative journey, uncovering their natural gifts, talents, and abilities.
Throughout the course, we provide participants with various tools and resources to support them along their transformative path. It's essential to note Module I serves as a prerequisite for all subsequent modules, laying a solid foundation for the holistic exploration of one's purpose.
The success of this course is profound, with numerous testimonials attesting to its life-changing impact. Additionally, many participants have not only experienced personal transformation but have also established businesses and organizations. Remarkably, 38% of graduates started a business, and an impressive 18% are full-time leaders of their ventures. This course is more than an educational journey; it catalyzes tangible and lasting positive change and sustainable professional pursuits.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

The Path~Way to Purpose® course is a guided study to discovery of purpose
The Path~Way to Purpose® course serves as a structured journey toward discovering purpose.
This comprehensive course is organized into four distinct 4-week modules.

Module III - Ascending to Greater Heights
Prerequisite: Module I & II

Module III of the Path~Way to Purpose® course is strategically designed to help participants identify and release past negative behaviors that act as stumbling blocks, hindering progress and success in their lives.

Unlocking Your Created Purpose
Some moments in life present opportunities for the revealing of your future. This is precisely the transformative experience offered during the Path~Way to Purpose® course. The door to your destiny swings open within the course, offering a revealing glimpse of your authentic self.

Module IV - Moments of Destiny
Prerequisite: Module I, II, and III

Module IV of the Path~Way to Purpose® course is expertly crafted to guide participants in revealing the depth of their uniqueness and connecting it to the significant work they are destined to accomplish. $159.00

Module I - Embarking on Purposeful Living
Initiate the Journey

Module I marks the commencement of the expedition to reveal the authentic you. The initial four weeks are meticulously designed to establish a robust foundation, emphasizing the pivotal role of purposeful living in achieving success and productivity.

Module II - Unveiling Your Authentic Self
Prerequisite: Module I

Module II of the In the Path~Way to Purpose® course is meticulously crafted to guide participants in discovering their genuine selves. Participants can unveil and wholeheartedly embrace the greatness within through a series of assessments.

The Path~Way to Purpose® course is a meticulously crafted program uniquely tailored to coach women, men, and children in the profound journey of discovering and activating their inherent greatness. Through a carefully guided process, participants embark on a transformative exploration of their natural gifts, talents, and abilities. The course has garnered remarkable success, acting as a catalyst for life-changing transformations and providing valuable support to individuals in their endeavors to establish businesses and organizations. Notably, among course graduates, an impressive 38% have ventured into entrepreneurship, with a substantial 18% fully engaged in the operations of their own enterprises. The impact of the Path~Way to Purpose® course extends beyond personal development, fostering a tangible and lasting influence on the professional pursuits of those who undergo its transformative curriculum.

Path~Way to Purpose® Course Webinar Outline