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Do you long to fulfill your dreams which, if achieved, would bring you great happiness and success? Are you stuck or have you lost your way and cannot seem to find the path that leads to fulfilling these dreams? Well, I know first hand what it feels like to long for more in your life and not know what that “more” is…

If these opening words from Dr. Cynthia Mickens Ross resonate with you, take a seat and prepare to be inspired by her story as well as many others who have traveled down the path to purpose. They will share their struggles, turning points, and victories. This Path-Way to Purpose® book of encouragement and devotion will push you toward the breakthrough moments you need to live the dreams God has placed in your heart.

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Statistics show that 98.9% of people on Earth today will go to their grave without accomplishing THEIR own Great Work!

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Everyone is created with specific work they are assigned to do! However, not everyone will discover their great work.